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    Investor, Financial Professional, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur

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    About Scott

    Entrepreneur in Vancouver, BC

    Scott Gelbard is a Managing Partner at Peak Ventures, where he operates as in independent international business consultant. With more than a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, Scott assists companies looking to emulate the success of major corporates in the United States.


    Scott Gelbard holds a business degree in consumer science, which, alongside his industry experience, equips him to guide business leaders in the intricacies of the American market. He embarked on his consulting career right after college, gaining valuable insights through trial and error. His journey of learning from both failures and successes proved fruitful, as within five years, he grew his business to generate over $250 million in annual revenue.

    Scott Gelbard's knack for staying ahead in various industries and sectors is key to his success. This foresight has significantly contributed to his achievements, particularly in the cannabis industry. Scott Gelbard was a trailblazer in the U.S. cannabis market, entering this emerging field in Colorado in 2009. Over the past eleven years, he has remained a leading figure in the industry.

    Scott Gelbard thrives in burgeoning markets, relishing the challenge and excitement of building businesses in newly developing sectors. His ability to
    identify and capitalize on new opportunities has made him a prominent and
    successful entrepreneur.


    Learn more about Scott Gelbard at scottgelbard.org

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